Thank you for listing me

I just read my first article on Twitter List etiquette.(Twitter List Etiquette by Matt Churchill, aka @geetarchurchy, )  I always strive to be polite and be sociable, so I am always interested in social media etiquette articles.

But he almost lost me on the first recommendation: thank everybody who has put you on a list. I'm no @scobleizer or @chrisbrogan, but individually thanking everybody would flood my stream, annoying my friends and followers no end. Oh, no, I won't be going there.

And yet, I am grateful, so this is my "thank you" to everyone who has added me to one of their lists. I find it fascinating to see the variety of prisms through which I am seen, and am almost pathetically happy that that many people think my tweeting is worthwhile.

2 responses
Thanks for taking the time to read the piece, really appreciate it!

I totally take your point on saying thanks to everyone flooding your feed - may be it might be awkward for those who are on loads of lists and they could, as you've done, write a blog post that could be updated each time they're added.

That or we all accept a mutual appreciation of being added!

Hi, Matt! I should have added that I liked your post, and that you cared enough about expressing gratitude to write it up. Thanks for doing that.