Getting the rest in Firefox Reader Mode

The Firefox browser has a nifty feature called "Reader Mode" that, for most pages, strips out background images, ads, things that pop up, and other things that conspire to make something impossible to read, especially on a small screen.

It's not perfect: how well and if it works depends on how that page was made. Some pages can't be displayed in reader mode. You can tell because the reader mode icon does not appear in the address bar. Some "ads" sneak through, such as pleas to subscribe. Those you just learn to skip over as you read.

Sometimes the article is truncated, but there are a few things you can try to get the rest:

  • There may be a button on the original page that says something like "continue reading". Click that and try reader mode again.
  • On some sites, the article doesn't fully load until you start scrolling down the page. Sometimes you need to scroll all the way to the bottom. But once you do, reader mode can then display the full article.

If you're new to reader mode, you can learn about its other features on the Firefox help pages. It has settings for light/dark mode, font size, and serif/sans serif. Desktop has additional settings.