Email is the tool people are most comfortable with

People like to use the tools they know best, because they want to use them, not think about them. The folks at Posterous have apparently realized this, and have created a service where people can "blog" using the tool that everyone knows how to use: email.

Another benefit for those of us who have to worry about public records laws is that the "original" is the email used to send the post, and we already have ways of meeting those requirements for email.
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Over the years I've tried a number of blogging platforms and have been pleased to find that with minor exception, they've all worked well with whatever screen reader I found myself using at the time. Unfortunately, it seems that every other month or so, blogging platforms redesign their site such that I have to relearn where various menus and options are. Posterous overcomes all that by enabling me to manage virtually the entire blog via Email. Posting, commenting, even moderation are all doable via Email in fact, after initial blog configuration, you may never need to go back to the posterous site. So, in an indirect way, Posterous has virtually insured the accessibility of their platform by enabling control via the familiar and accessible Email interface.

I hope you enjoy Posterous, I'm definitely impressed with the service.

Glad to hear that, Steve. Another check in the plus column for Posterous!
Glad to see you're on Posterous too Sarah! It's amazingly simple to use.
Okay so I found this thread while looking for some other answers Sarah and I'm hoping you can help. Is the upload button accessible on Jaws? I can't seem to find it and while the girlfriend "sees" it we both agree that if I or should I want to upload some files I might want to see that button. My files may be a bit to big for email. Any thoughts?
Brunch With The Brits, I just poked a bit at the code. Posterous's web uploader is a Flash widget. I know that Flash can be done so that it's usable with JAWS, but I don't know how myself. (Not a Flash developer!) You should let the Posterous folks know - Use the "Contact Support" link (it makes a pop-up that looks like it should work OK for you!) on their help page:

But, I think the email method should work fine. The only limit they mention is that video files can't exceed 100M. The only other limit would be one by your own email provider.

Hi, I'm a JAWS user as well as a Mac user and last I checked, it's possible to use the upload button.  This having been said, I generally submit files via Email, so things may have changed.  I would check out the Posterous site as this provides shortcuts to many of the posting tasks available via the main Posterous site.  Also, I believe Posterous limits the size of files that can be uploaded and as such, I'm finding that Email works in most cases.  For those files that are too big for an Email attachment, I generally have to try and scale them down, i.e. reduce audio quality or create mono files to reduce size.
Hope this helps,